The class of my life…………. An essay by William Marshall

I got a message, our new Battalion Commander, was coming to JM School, as a student. Dan said, “Looks like your big boss is coming this class, you are gonna be 1st Stick leader, he will be class leader, don’t let him get distracted. If he fails, well, you know.” “Got it Dan, I got it.” I was scared shitless.

I was the Deputy Committee Chief, I didn’t usually take a stick during the class, but you know, I sure did this time. LTC Woods is the best man in the world. He is. He was a great student. He listened, he cared. He tried hard.

He failed nothing up until JMPI. He was doing great with sequence, he just was too scared to miss something, too slow. Like 30 seconds slow. 30 seconds……… He failed first day. Time, missed no deficiencies, perfect sequence.

Final day, JMPI, he is the class leader, first one out of the chute. I knew who he was going to, who was gonna grade him. I had given the pep talk, I pumped him up as best I could. I followed him, I stayed out of site. I ran my own clock.

4:56! LTC Woods is a JM, first time GO. The class of my life.

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