Blood Wings…….. An essay by William Marshall

Is it hazing? I always wondered about that. Can you voluntarily be hazed? I don’t know of a single JM that ever “turned down” blood wings. It was a right of passage. Sometimes it was a big ceremony. Sometimes it was done at night at the bleacher on Sicily DZ. My Master wings were pinned on me at the AAS Schoolhouse, no pictures but I was welcomed into the club. Here the pictures are of Ranger Williams. One of our best beloved officers in 3-4 ADAR. Ranger, Jumpmaster, Leader extraordinaire. He is being ushered into the fold by Legends. CSM Adams, 1SG Edwards, 1SG Raynor, CSM Lehr, all legends. Is it hazing? Look at those smiles. Hell yes it is! Consider many of us, well hazed!