Marshall in the Middle

Marshall in the Middle

UFO’s are here……….. An essay by William Marshall

Yep, I saw one last night myself.  It probably was a 737 heading to Atlanta but I couldn’t positively identify it.  To an air defender, that’s a big deal.  I’m pretty sure it was friendly though. I think that the new phenomena about the US releasing its UFO secrets is really wild.  What all do […]

It was so great to talk to CSM(R) Joe Stout about his response to the podcast and the stories.  It is priceless the life we are living.  Enjoy!  Heroes I Know.

G MAR HALL……….. An essay by William Marshall

They were in the hole, I was not.  They were putting names on the trucks.  The HMMWVs required the driver and TCs name on the truck.  I guess since I wasn’t there, I was the last one done.  They ran out of S’s.  They told me about it once I got back to formation.  SSG […]

I won’t go on tape……… An essay by William Marshall

I like to interview veterans. Yesterday, Skipperville, AL, I was fixing a washer. Daughter, about my age, feeding her mother in a hospital bed. She said mom has Alzheimer’s. Easy fix on the washer, I was chatting, asked about Veteran license plate on the truck. Dad appears, daughter says, really? He is a retired 1SG […]

It’s on film……… an essay by William Marshall

That’s the problem isn’t it. We can’t deny it then. We can’t ignore it. We can’t look the other way for long because it can be rewound and replayed. It’s not just racism, it’s every kind of ism. It’s on tape now, there is proof. We have been denying it for years, those in power. […]

By Daring Deeds……….. An essay by William Marshall

Audacia! That was our motto. It was written boldly on the insignia we wore. All of us. By Daring Deeds, that’s what it means.   We were warriors, are warriors. Ready to answer the call of our nation at a moments notice. I read about the battles of our brothers at Gettysburg. Fighting off the treacherous […]


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