Disillusioned with the Bible…….. An essay by William Marshall

I would figure that the “Word of God” would be a unifying text.  It would bring people together, help us understand the things that we might not get right away.  Give us a guidepost, roadsigns, a path that is lit.  During my lifetime, I have watched the “Holy Bible” and those that are fervent followers of it, become less and less relevant, honestly, the Christian way isn’t working.  We are not at the forefront of the loving nature of God.  We seem to be at the forefront of pointing fingers and wishing others were doing exactly what we think they should be.

I have read the book from cover to cover, I have studied it in church for years.  For the most part, I’m disappointed with it.  My God can do better than that.  My God can write a book that is about peace, not war.  My God writes a book that talks of loving your neighbor, not condemning your enemies and marching into battle.  Even Andy Stanley agrees that the Bible cannot fully be seen as the inherent Word of God.  I began praying for a new light. 

A Course in Miracles has become that text for me.  It has become my primary guidepost and source towards peace.  The same Jesus that is in the New Testament reveals himself fully in ACIM.  Are you disillusioned with the Bible?  A Course in Miracles.  Its available through Amazon. 

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