You are my keeper…….. An essay by William Marshall

Jesus says that I am brother’s keeper.  In my mind, that means that I should help keep them out of trouble.  When I was a 1SG, I did everything in my power to keep my Soldiers out of trouble.  The last thing I wanted was trouble.  It would let the team down.  I also figured that the best way, was to let them be as free as they could be, I had to be as predictable as possible to them.  I was their keeper.  Now, I could get upset with them, help them, love them, apply the I Love Bibb program.  But that was my and my Commander’s job.  We were the coaches.  We were wanting cohesion.  So we made cohesion.

I often wonder now, where I live in the real world and the virtual world.  Who am I currently keeping?  Who is keeping me?  I sure know that my Commanders and CSMs above me were doing their best to keep us.  I watched them work, we planned with them.  We told them what we could and couldn’t do.  I am part of a little team now, a growing team.  I appreciate you reading all these words.  Maybe you are a part of the team now to.  You can be my keeper, I’ll be yours.  We just have to share.  I’m sharing.  I love you.  You are my keeper.

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