I’m not a Christian, I’m different………. An essay by William Marshall

I’m not a Christian, I’m different………. An essay by William Marshall

She said, “No, I’m not a Christian, I’m different.” She went on, “Christians are assholes you see. They think they don’t have to be nice or care or give to others cause Jesus gonna come scoop up their mess when he comes back to “Save Them,” and they look down at me about it, like I ain’t rich cause I ain’t good enough to be rich or something.

Christians give money when the plate comes by if they thought to ahead of time and conveniently placed the bill in their husbands pocket so he could pull it out at just the right time.

Christians don’t cuss around kids and don’t like me holding a beer and a baby, so, no, I’m not a Christian. Some people say I’m just a sinner, cause I don’t wanna be “that kind of Christian.”

She finished, “I just wish we could all kinda just hug you know, sit around a fire, sing a song. Have church without going to church. Tell about how things are good, how things are ok. I think we all are good inside, deep inside, not sinners, not assholes. I’m not an asshole to others, I’m a very kind person if you will let me.”

She finished, “My Spirituality is different, I’m not a Christian, and I’m not a sinner. But your not a sinner either at least in my mind. Neither of us are. We are just here. Here to love. Love, Some damn how. It would be nice to be together, sing a song, dance a dance. While we still can. 

I’m not a Christian, I’m different and I love you even more because of it.

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