An Embarrassed American: A Veteran’s Perspective….. An essay by William Marshall

An Embarrassed American: A Veteran’s Perspective….. An essay by William Marshall

I. Introduction

Being able to express oneself freely is a fundamental right in many countries, and as an American, I exercise this right by sharing my thoughts and experiences. Recently, I felt compelled to write an essay discussing my embarrassment with certain aspects of my country. This feeling arises from a deep sense of patriotism and a desire for positive change. In this essay, I will delve into the reasons behind my embarrassment, discussing both the pride I hold as a veteran and my concerns about specific issues that trouble me.

II. The pride in serving the country

As I stood in my U.S. Army uniform, surrounded by my fellow countrymen and women, I couldn’t help but feel immense pride. Saluting alongside a statue in the streets of National Harbor, I honored my nephew, a new U.S. Navy Officer, and celebrated our shared commitment to serving our nation. The dedication and sacrifice of our military personnel deserve recognition and respect.

III. Embarrassment towards wanton capitalism

However, despite my pride, there are aspects of American society that cause me embarrassment. One of them is the prevalence of wanton capitalism, where the pursuit of profit often overrides ethical considerations. This approach can lead to a disregard for the well-being of others and the environment. As a nation, we should strive for a more balanced and responsible approach to economic growth.

IV. Embarrassment towards foreign policy

Another source of my embarrassment stems from our foreign policy. It troubles me when our actions and rhetoric seem to prioritize creating enemies rather than fostering collaboration and understanding. I find it disheartening to witness how we sometimes treat those who are different from us, both within our borders and abroad. As a diverse nation, we should embrace inclusivity and promote dialogue instead of divisiveness.

V. Questioning the need for military aggression

One aspect that deeply concerns me is the perceived necessity of military aggression. I question why we often resort to bombing and warfare instead of seeking peaceful resolutions. It is essential to consider alternatives to conflict and prioritize diplomacy and cooperation. By building bridges rather than walls, we can foster mutual understanding and create a more peaceful world.

When comparing military capabilities, it becomes evident that the United States maintains a vast number of military bases compared to countries like China and Russia. Furthermore, despite commitments to the contrary, we have been weaponizing

space, a realm we had promised to keep free from such actions. These actions contradict our stated principles and contribute to the embarrassment I feel as an American veteran.

Furthermore, I cannot help but express my disappointment in some key figures within our government. Our Congress, as leaders in their positions, they have the responsibility to explore diplomatic avenues and pursue resolutions that prioritize the well-being of all nations involved. It is disheartening to witness the perpetuation of needless conflict when peaceful alternatives exist. Our Congress should be demanding peace, not voting for endless aid package after aid package to send off into oblivion.

As we approach Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I am reminded of the friends I have lost in wars that I believe could have been avoided. It is during this time that my feelings of embarrassment are most pronounced. I reflect on the lives lost, the families impacted, and the potential for a different path—one of peace.

I understand that my perspective may stir controversy and disagreement, but it is not my intention to offend or alienate. Rather, I hope to ignite a dialogue and encourage critical reflection. If my words and experiences make you uncomfortable, I implore you to consider why that discomfort arises and to channel it into a genuine concern for the well-being of our nation and the world.

In conclusion, as an American veteran, I carry a sense of pride for the service and sacrifice of our military personnel. However, I also bear the burden of embarrassment, stemming from concerns over wanton capitalism, our approach to foreign policy, and the need for a reassessment of military aggression. Let us strive for a better America—one that champions diplomacy, cooperation, and the pursuit of peace.


FAQ 1: Why did the author choose to write this essay?

The author felt compelled to write this essay as a means of exercising their freedom of speech and expressing their thoughts and concerns as an American. The intention is to spark dialogue and encourage reflection on certain aspects of the country.

FAQ 2: What does the author mean by “wanton capitalism”?

“Wanton capitalism” refers to an approach where the pursuit of profit takes precedence over ethical considerations, potentially leading to a disregard for the well-being of others and the environment.

FAQ 3: How does the author suggest we find peace?

The author suggests that peace can be achieved through a commitment to diplomacy, cooperation, and the exploration of peaceful alternatives to military aggression. They encourage building bridges and fostering mutual understanding among nations.

FAQ 4: Is the author against the military or veterans?

No, the author expresses pride in serving their country and honors the dedication and sacrifice of military personnel. Their concerns lie with certain aspects of policy and actions that they believe could be improved to prioritize peace.

FAQ 5: What is the message the author wants to convey?

The author wants to convey a message of reflection and a call for positive change. They urge readers to critically examine the actions and policies of their country and strive for a more peaceful and inclusive America that prioritizes diplomacy and cooperation with other nations.

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