Army is a socialist jobs program……An essay by William Marshall

I joined the US’s largest socialist jobs program to have a chance at affording a college degree. Def a last resort.

That’s what she posted.  I had never thought of it quite like that but now that I have.  Hmmmmm.  I have always said that the Military was a guaranteed path to the middle class.  No matter where you came from, your background, how much money your family had, didn’t matter in the Army.  If you showed up on time, could do PT, use a little common sense, stayed off drugs and didn’t get DUIs,  it is a total ticket for anyone to the middle class.  I joined for college money.  I stayed because all in all, I liked it.  When it was time to go, I put in my packet and retired.  I did get a degree while I was in.  University of Phoenix Online!  The Harvard of online universities.  Thanks to the US’s largest socialist jobs program. 

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