Which way does the rug go?………. An essay by William Marshall

New furniture, old rug. It changes the room, of course it does. “The other furniture was much more boxy” she said. “This is rounded.” “Of course,” I agreed. I was grunting as I did, luckily everything slid fairly easy on the fake wood floor in our trailer house. It’s a big rug, with big new furniture, same small room. Did you know rugs are heavy? I had never really thought about it.

She stepped back and tilted her head to this side, then that. That contemplative look. The sun was in my eyes a little bit, it was getting later in the day. We had gotten her old furniture out of storage. She was re-laying out the room. “It was important”, she said, “We have to get it right.” I agreed.

We thought about it this way a while, then we slid it around, thought about it that way for a while. She asked what I thought. When she asks my opinion, I begin to tread lightly. I know that with things like rugs and their orientation, her tiniest bit of OCD is nowhere close to my level of “I care not at all.” So, she wins no matter what.

I did ask her this time to humor me and put the couch towards the middle of the floor and away from the wall to see if we liked it. She agreed to let me do it. We left it there for almost a whole minute before she smiled lovingly at me and we moved it back. She is vacuuming now. I slipped over to write this.

I must go now. She is calling me over.

I’m back, she declared the room situated. Was very painless. I like it. I really do. BTW, rugs go east/west. She is vacuuming again.

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