I’m a Legend………. An essay by William Marshall

Most folks know that I was in the Army, most folks know that was Airborne, most folks know that I was a Jumpmaster. What many people don’t know is what happened on my first 10 jumps…….

You see, they classify jumps in ways so that we can record them on a log. You have to count them. You have measure them. You have make sure all your Troopers are prepared and trained for any mission. A log entry might look like CE/N/MT or AN/T or CE/W. We jump at different times of the day, we jump over water, we jump with Combat Equipment. Sometimes we have an administrative jump with nothing but our helmet and we call that Hollywood.

Now, the legend part. My first 10 jumps were Night/Water Jumps. Of course, that’s only because I closed my eyes, and peed my pants!

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