Get that buckle……… An essay by William Marshall

Many leaders believe, tough training that is shared among a group is a great way to build cohesive teams. The more visible the toughness, the more the young Soldiers see their leaders, the better. We started the Stalker Leader Challenge in Korea. It was a chance to recreate something similar to prop blast that we did in the Airborne Community. A tough training event for only the leaders. You are harder than on normal days and normal Soldiers. Take the training to the next level. Some say it is Hazing. Well, kinda. The last Stalker Leader Challenge that I know of was held in Fort Hood, TX. We started before daylight early in the morning. One young leader missed weapons draw. He was issued a broom. We conducted a long road march with special events along the way. You will see the cadre in their special outfits and belt buckles. We had all previously conducted the challenge. We were bringing the next group into the club. We made a BBQ out of it. What amazing times! I have my belt buckle and I’m proud of it!

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