UFO’s are here……….. An essay by William Marshall

Yep, I saw one last night myself.  It probably was a 737 heading to Atlanta but I couldn’t positively identify it.  To an air defender, that’s a big deal.  I’m pretty sure it was friendly though. I think that the new phenomena about the US releasing its UFO secrets is really wild.  What all do […]

It was so great to talk to CSM(R) Joe Stout about his response to the podcast and the stories.  It is priceless the life we are living.  Enjoy!  Heroes I Know.

G MAR HALL……….. An essay by William Marshall

They were in the hole, I was not.  They were putting names on the trucks.  The HMMWVs required the driver and TCs name on the truck.  I guess since I wasn’t there, I was the last one done.  They ran out of S’s.  They told me about it once I got back to formation.  SSG […]

I won’t go on tape……… An essay by William Marshall

I like to interview veterans. Yesterday, Skipperville, AL, I was fixing a washer. Daughter, about my age, feeding her mother in a hospital bed. She said mom has Alzheimer’s. Easy fix on the washer, I was chatting, asked about Veteran license plate on the truck. Dad appears, daughter says, really? He is a retired 1SG […]

It’s on film……… an essay by William Marshall

That’s the problem isn’t it. We can’t deny it then. We can’t ignore it. We can’t look the other way for long because it can be rewound and replayed. It’s not just racism, it’s every kind of ism. It’s on tape now, there is proof. We have been denying it for years, those in power. […]

By Daring Deeds……….. An essay by William Marshall

Audacia! That was our motto. It was written boldly on the insignia we wore. All of us. By Daring Deeds, that’s what it means.   We were warriors, are warriors. Ready to answer the call of our nation at a moments notice. I read about the battles of our brothers at Gettysburg. Fighting off the treacherous […]

The Army Airborne and the start to Camp MacKall — Pacific Paratrooper

Airborne, Camp MacKall The original idea for an American airborne came from Gen. Billy Mitchell in 1918.  His  commander, Gen. Pershing agreed, but once the WWI Armistice was signed, the plan was terminated.  In the late 1920’s, Germany began training parachute units and in the 1930’s, they led the world in gliders.  Russia created the […] […]

Put your gun down……….. An essay by William Marshall

I remember Andy Griffith saying to Barney something like, “Now put your gun down, there is no need for shooting, let’s just talk about things here, guns are loud and not helpful for conversations.”   I watched these officers swarm this Soldier in uniform.  Pepper spray him, drag him out, put him in cuffs.  The […]

Yep, I’m a Northview guy……….. An essay by William Marshall

Looking back on it, I am proud.  I didn’t actually graduate from there, I actually graduated from Lake Mary High School down in Florida.  I left Northview half way through my junior year.  As I drive by there now, the Dothan Wolves………. Just seems weird.  I remember the pep rally’s.  Go Cougars.  Don’t meet me […]

Be safe…….. An essay by William Marshall

That’s what we say when we someone is leaving, maybe about to drive away.  “Be safe.”  The idea is don’t drive into a ditch, but it really does translate into so much more. I think I’m going to change what I say from now on.   I want to start saying, “Be reckless!” “Experience life!” […]

Jerry Died………… An essay by William Marshall

SFC Rob just messaged me. “Jerry died.” I guess I’m just getting to that age now. My friends are dropping like flies. Stroke, cancer, suicide, heart attack. It makes me realize that; my Army buddies were some of the truest friends you could ever ask for, bonds in a foxhole and under a parachute are […]

The tryout……. An essay by William Marshall

When I first saw them, I knew that is what I wanted to be. They just looked different, cool school heroes. They wore their LBE different than the rest, way up high. It kept their notebooks, their “Green Pads,” ever so close. They had really sexy patrol caps, each rolled in his own way and […]

God is not in control………….. An essay by William Marshall

God is not in control, not like we may think.  God set things going, provided the atmosphere for growth, but God isn’t pointing a mouse button and moving things around.  God is just the concept that we ascribe to the maker of this World.  I think Jesus learned how to translate the messages that he […]

Blood Wings…….. An essay by William Marshall

Is it hazing? I always wondered about that. Can you voluntarily be hazed? I don’t know of a single JM that ever “turned down” blood wings. It was a right of passage. Sometimes it was a big ceremony. Sometimes it was done at night at the bleacher on Sicily DZ. My Master wings were pinned […]

The class of my life…………. An essay by William Marshall

I got a message, our new Battalion Commander, was coming to JM School, as a student. Dan said, “Looks like your big boss is coming this class, you are gonna be 1st Stick leader, he will be class leader, don’t let him get distracted. If he fails, well, you know.” “Got it Dan, I got […]

Pineapple Greenberg……… An essay by William Marshall

When we went to church Sunday, we noticed a pillow propped up next to our rocks on the corner. It was a pretty pillow with a pineapple on it. It was upside down. Bella and I giggled, somebody was dropping pillows. Turns out, upside down pineapples have certain meanings. Apparently, somebody in the neighborhood was […]

Gun Power switch to on……….. An essay by William Marshall

Its declassified now. We are now able to wear combat patches and the appropriate awards but when it was happening, not so much. Operation Prime Chance, google it.The commander of our barge, a Navy Captain, was sitting right behind me, on the back of my towed Vulcan. We were on the Wimbrown 7. It was […]

Unhooking static lines……… An essay by William Marshall

There was only really one unglamorous thing about being a Jumpmaster, it was being a Safety.  When you were the Safety on an aircraft, you didn’t get to jump, you were at your JM and jumper’s beck and call, and you had to unhood the static lines.  Basically, detach the deployment bag and static line, […]

The I Love Bibb Program…… An essay by William Marshall

The I Love Bibb Program was a step by step, no shit, real plan. It was a plan to save PFC Bibb from himself, via everyone else. I love Bibb, I really do. But, at this particular time in the world we lived in, less of Bibb was better.He had told all his stories, flown […]

Confederate equals traitor………… An essay by William Marshall

The rebel flag is constant around me.  I can’t go 3 miles around here without seeing one.  The thing that makes me wonder about it, is what message are these folks sending?  Why do they take the time to fly a traitorous flag?  A flag that was counter to our Nation.  Our beloved USA.  Are […]


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