It is my job to judge you………… An essay by William Marshall

I asked him in my best military tone, “Say again?”

“Yep,” he said, “Basically, if I read the Bible correctly, it is my job to judge you and help you to see the error in your ways, according to the Bible. You should understand that you are wrong and lost in your sin, in accordance with the Bible. I am then called to explain how you can live a better life by changing your sinful ways, repent, then go with me forth into the world and spread this same Gospel. We use the King James Version, the only version, that is the true and Living Word of God. Isn’t that what Jesus did? Didn’t he go all over the land telling sinners to repent and sin no more? Same thing! So of course, it’s my job to judge you. That is what Jesus is all about. Right?”

I remembered it wasn’t my job to judge him, I had to love him as he was trying his best to love me wasn’t he? I listened a little while longer before moving along. He was blooming his flower

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