I want war…….. An essay by William Marshal

Everyday about this time, I get an email from Google that tells me all about Air Defense Artillery. I continue to watch us try to send capabilities away from our border. At every turn, we are pushing out. Expanding. We are giving and pushing, selling and donating every old bomb and bullet, missile and mortar to anyone who will shoot them. Once we do that, we egg them on, hope that they will. So that we can sell them another one day.

I spent 20 years in the Army being told that Russia and China were bad and that we were the only good ones. I was present, part of the Army when we invaded several countries. Part of a few, “invasions” myself. As I look back on it, I was the war monger, I was the mercanary. As Colin Powell told me about the Powder Cake that the CIA told him about, he and I both believed it. We invaded one of those countries…… Iraq, but not the two other countries involved. Looking back, now we know it was all bullshit planted by some sales guy.

Now I watch us give NASAMs away to be destroyed like a little toy. Is it firing? Even in place? Already destroyed? How many sidewinders has it flung into the air. If it was operating in Washington we would demand to know. Now? Crickets……….We pretend we care about Ukraine and we parade the comedian president around like a Hero. And now we are lining up PATRIOT Batteries to give them like that is going to solve the problem. We are gonna send American service member overseas to train one battery? Two batteries? Any of my buddies that knows anything about what is going on, knows how ludicrous this is……..The problem is that we want war. The US wants war. I’m in the US, I guess I want war………Do you want war?

Bombs don’t make peace, Peace makes Peace……..

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