One of the scariest briefings ever……… An essay by William Marshall

Hi, I’m SGT Marshall, today I will be administering your JMPI exam.  You have three jumpers, two Hollywood, one Combat equipment, they are configured, Hollywood, Combat Equipment, Hollywood.  You task is to inspect the jumpers using proper sequence and technique. 

When you find a deficiency you must call it off, using proper nomenclature and if applicable, its location in relation to the jumper’s body.  If you do not use proper nomenclature, you will not get credit for finding the deficiency. You have 5 minutes to complete this task.  You may not miss a major deficiency, you may not miss more than two minor deficiencies. Do you have any questions?

The number one jumper is standing up and ready for inspection behind you, time starts when you turn and face your jumper.

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