3-4 3/4 ADA ADAR identity crisis…….. An essay by William Marshall

We felt like stepchildren.  We were part of the Bastard Brigade, heck, we were probably the least wanted in the Bastard Brigade.  Air Defense, 3-4 ADAR in particular had an identity crisis.  The Bear famously announced, “we ain’t 3/4 of nothing.” We are Third of the Fourth Air Defense Artillery Regiment.  And that was that.

We didn’t have an identity crisis when it came to competing though.  We were known as having the best Jumpmasters on Fort Bragg.  We won the JM of the Year competition 3 out of 4 straight years at one point.  Our flag football team killed the competition every year. We outmarched everyone in all the marching competitions.  We were winners.

We still have an identity crisis after being moved out of the 82nd Airborne Division, but I bet we still have the best Jumpmasters on post……

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