My vision for Heroes I Know…….. An essay by William Marshall

My vision for Heroes I Know………. An essay by William Marshall

My generation is beginning to schedule doctor’s appointments more often than we schedule date nights.  We are starting to feel the hurts, the pains, the cancers, the tumors, the results of all our hard falls and sudden stupidity.
Because of this, we have realized that I want to hear the stories and lessons from my friends, those around me. 

We are conducting a long form interview, like Rogan.  I ask you about things that your kids and grandkids would like to hear.  We are making a tribute slide show for many in case you pass suddenly, many of the memories will have already been saved and prepared so that in our time of need, it is already handled.

We have made a coin and a box for display and memories.  The thumbdrive holds the tribute slide show, the interview, and the thumbnail picture.
I am doing this on a donation basis, I covet your support.

I want you to sign up.  Do an interview with us.  Everyone reading this is a Hero. I promise, you are a Hero to someone, and therefore a Hero to me.

Please donate if you can, please sign up if you will.  If nothing else, I hope you enjoy, Heroes I Know.

donate to through PayPal or @willmarshall68 through Venmo and others…….

Picture is of my Soldier SGT Mason, he served his country well, a confirmed victim of burn pits.

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