The SMJP……….. An essay by William Marshall

The Stinger Missile Jump Pack(SMJP) was a hodgepodge of manufactured and made up. Put together properly and also added on to. Each SMJP was actually a little different than every other one in the beginning. We tried different snaps and connectors, releases and buckles. Sometimes they worked, sometimes you rode it in.

We made a million jumps from the 34 foot tower. We halt you mid way and make the jumper talk through and then conduct the lowering procedures for the SMJP. The procedures worked properly most of the time. 80 percentish……….

We had to tie a special link with two turns 1/4 inch cotton webbing between the carrying handle and the Pull to release handle on the ALICE Pack. When you lowered the SMJP, it was also supposed to pull the handle and release your ALICE pack also.

Sometimes it worked. Sometimes you had to kick it, sometime you had to pull it, sometimes you kick it and cussed, sometimes you pulled and screamed, sometimes you just rode it in.

You had to be 5’8” in height or taller to jump with the Stinger. I’ve seen guys duck as short as they could, I’ve seen guys get on their tippy toes. Some wanted to jump it so bad, others wanted nothing to do with it.

The Stinger Missile Jump Pack.

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  1. Extremely light piece of kit as well. You got the door it takes me 30 minutes to walk when I wake up…

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