Embracing Jesus: Overcoming Doctrinal Prejudice in Christendom

Embracing Jesus: Overcoming Doctrinal Prejudice in Christendom

In the era of Jesus, the religious elites were resolute in their conviction that He was a heretic. These individuals possessed an unparalleled knowledge of the scriptures, excelled in theology, and enjoyed the backing of established institutions and historical precedents. Shockingly, they went as far as orchestrating the murder of Christ, fervently believing that their actions were righteous and divine.

Today, as followers of Christ, we find ourselves at a crossroads, facing a similar choice. Do we succumb to the regressive doctrines of bigoted Christendom, or do we wholeheartedly accept Jesus and His teachings, regardless of the prevailing prejudices?

Embracing Jesus: Acceptance Over Rejection

The religious elites of Jesus’ time, despite their vast scriptural knowledge, failed to recognize the true essence and divine purpose of Jesus’ mission. Their rejection of Him was rooted in a deep-seated fear of challenging the status quo and a rigid adherence to religious traditions. However, as modern believers, we have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and embrace Jesus with open hearts and minds.

By accepting Jesus, we acknowledge the transformative power of His love and teachings. It is through acceptance that we experience true spiritual growth, as we open ourselves to His guidance and grace. Embracing Jesus means moving beyond the barriers of prejudice and embracing a faith that is inclusive, compassionate, and forgiving.

The Call for Inclusion: Moving from Exclusion to Embrace

One of the pivotal messages that Jesus conveyed was the importance of inclusivity and embracing all individuals, regardless of their social status, ethnicity, or background. Sadly, throughout history, Christendom has been plagued by discriminatory practices and exclusionary ideologies. However, it is imperative that we break free from these shackles and embody the true spirit of Jesus’ teachings.

By embracing inclusion, we create a community that reflects the love and compassion of Christ. We strive to build bridges rather than walls, welcoming all individuals into the fold of faith. This requires us to challenge our own biases, dismantle systemic barriers, and actively engage in acts of love and acceptance.

Embracing Jesus: A Journey Beyond Hate

In the face of the hateful doctrines that have marred Christendom, it is crucial that we hold steadfast in our belief that Jesus is the proper example. Despite the distortions and misinterpretations that have arisen over time, we must maintain a deep-rooted faith that the examples of peace and love towards others that are not like us are where Heaven is found.

Embracing Jesus means acknowledging His teachings as the ultimate source of truth and enlightenment. It is a rejection of the divisive ideologies that seek to undermine the unity of believers. By embracing Jesus, His example, and the Holy Spirit, we embrace love, grace, and forgiveness as the guiding principles of our faith.


As followers of Christ, we have a responsibility to rise above the flawed ideologies that have plagued Christendom throughout history. By accepting Jesus, embracing inclusion, and recognizing His example, we can pave the way for a faith that is rooted in love, compassion, and unity.

Let us learn from the mistakes of the religious elites of Jesus’ era, who tragically chose rejection and violence over acceptance and understanding. In doing so, we can forge a path that exemplifies the true essence of Jesus’ teachings and reflects the divine love that He embodies.

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