UFO’s are here……….. An essay by William Marshall

Yep, I saw one last night myself.  It probably was a 737 heading to Atlanta but I couldn’t positively identify it.  To an air defender, that’s a big deal.  I’m pretty sure it was friendly though.

I think that the new phenomena about the US releasing its UFO secrets is really wild.  What all do we know?  Do we have little grey men with no body hair about 3 feet tall sitting in a freezer somewhere?  Have we found materials from other worlds that have led us to further advancements on Earth because we learned of a new metallic isotope?

Can we now shape gravity and move through air and water just as if it wasn’t there?  

A few years ago, I remember my school teacher saying something about not relying on a calculator, you won’t always have access to that kind of technology.  Boy was she wrong.  I have enough computing power to land on the moon in my pocket.  What I’m still figuring out is how to use it and what the technology is there for.  What is its real use?

The more technology brings us the ability to unite, the more it has seemed to divide us.  The more information we have access to, the less we trust any of it.

Maybe the UFOs are going to be our future enemy that causes human beings to unite.  Maybe they will give us a common enemy to be against.  Maybe the UFOs and aliens will be a uniter for humans.

Or maybe not.  UFO’s are here.

UFO sightings were all over in 2019

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