By Daring Deeds……….. An essay by William Marshall

Audacia! That was our motto. It was written boldly on the insignia we wore. All of us. By Daring Deeds, that’s what it means.  

We were warriors, are warriors. Ready to answer the call of our nation at a moments notice. I read about the battles of our brothers at Gettysburg. Fighting off the treacherous confederates trying to resist needed change in our country.  

The 1920’s found us in Panama, defending the Panama Canal. We deployed to North Africa during WWII. Searchlight operations they were called.

At one time, I heard that we had more battle streamers than any unit in the 82d Airborne Division. I was proud to be an Air Defender. I was proud to wear that bundle of wheat, the fish hook, those 13 arrows. I was proud to stand on the field of battle and take my turn with the mighty 4th ADA Regiment. I am appreciative of my great leaders who helped instill that pride in me. I am Audacious, I am a Daring Deed. Thanks for making me that!

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