Put your gun down……….. An essay by William Marshall

I remember Andy Griffith saying to Barney something like, “Now put your gun down, there is no need for shooting, let’s just talk about things here, guns are loud and not helpful for conversations.”  

I watched these officers swarm this Soldier in uniform.  Pepper spray him, drag him out, put him in cuffs.  The video is ludicrous.  

We, as a society, need to put our guns down.  All of us.  Treat people as people, as good humans, until they prove otherwise.  Then, if they prove otherwise, give them lots of leeway for forgiveness.  

We need to put our guns down.  Somebody has to do it first.  I’ve put my firearms down.  If somebody comes and just guns me down out of the blue, then I reckon Jesus will just have to deal with it. 

Put your gun down.

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