Be safe…….. An essay by William Marshall

That’s what we say when we someone is leaving, maybe about to drive away.  “Be safe.”  The idea is don’t drive into a ditch, but it really does translate into so much more.

I think I’m going to change what I say from now on.  

I want to start saying, “Be reckless!” “Experience life!” “Try new things!” 

“Build a ramp, jump it with your bike!” “Chase that crush!” “Enjoy the brownie!” 

“Get on the tube!” “Its only rain!” “Hold my beer, watch this!”

I think I like that rather than “Be safe!” 


One thought on “Be safe…….. An essay by William Marshall

  1. I like that better also, to some extent. Be safe is equal to I love and care about you so be safe so you come back and we can be reckless together! 🤗😘

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