Jerry Died………… An essay by William Marshall

SFC Rob just messaged me. “Jerry died.”

I guess I’m just getting to that age now. My friends are dropping like flies. Stroke, cancer, suicide, heart attack. It makes me realize that; my Army buddies were some of the truest friends you could ever ask for, bonds in a foxhole and under a parachute are extraordinary, and angels are around us in every moment.

Jerry Faulk was an angel to me. He was a single pimp daddy back in the late ‘80s driving his white Maxima with the gold rims. He had several women chasing him around looking for that LES. He was a single SSG living in the barracks when the CQ phone was the only means of communication. We were constantly yelling at him, out the door into his second story window, SSG Faulk, you have a phone call. When I was on CQ or hanging around the desk, I heard a million conversations that he would have. He was a pimp daddy off work.

When he was on the job. He was always professional and kind. He had a soft way about him but he was hard as nails about the standards and doing the right thing. I guess that CSM Faulk dying just makes me want to do this project more. This Heroes I Know. Get our stories down. He was such a mentor to so many. Jerry died. SFC Rob, send me your address, we gotta tell some stories!