God is not controlling things………….. An essay by William Marshall

God is not controlling things, not like we may think.  God set things going, provided the atmosphere for growth, but God isn’t pointing a mouse button and moving things around.  God is just the concept that we ascribe to the maker of this World.  I think Jesus learned how to translate the messages that he was getting from the Holy Spirit, he learned to put the puzzle together.  I believe that he understood the needs of the people that he talked to because he learned to identify them as the Spirit that was within them, not the body that was surrounding it.  He showed us that shared belief in love, a common spiritual picture, and a total release of the sins of others can bring miracles in this World.  He showed us that forgiving your brother his sin while asking forgiveness of your own can bring you into a Heavenly state right here on Earth.  If we realize that we are eternal and there is no judgement after this, we can be eternally grateful of our time here on Earth.  If we somehow live as if God is in control. That God will’s our eventual death.  That He is pointing a mouse and making tidal waves, then we are worshiping a truly evil God. 

Jesus was.  Jesus is trying to tell us that there is no judgement after this.  We are in Heaven.  Live like it and you will be in it.  God isn’t controlling things.  Not in control of what matters.  We are. You are in control, you are eternal.  Jesus sits at the right hand of God and intercedes for us, not that He needs to, but He is just trying to help us be at peace here on Earth.  God isn’t in control, you are.

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