Unhooking static lines……… An essay by William Marshall

There was only really one unglamorous thing about being a Jumpmaster, it was being a Safety.  When you were the Safety on an aircraft, you didn’t get to jump, you were at your JM and jumper’s beck and call, and you had to unhook the static lines.  Basically, detach the deployment bag and static line, the Army equipment from the Air Force Aircraft. This was so that I could get off of it as soon as we stopped.  In my day, you had a Safety wire and lanyard to deal with, a pilot that just emptied his load and thought he was suddenly “The Goose” in Top Gun.  Working above your head, in the front of a C-141 after you just emptied it over Sicily Drop Zone, that’s an unglamorous experience, Unhooking Static Lines, no thanks………

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