We see what we look for…….. An essay by William Marshall

I look for deer when I drive down the road.  I do.  I’m always looking way back, toward the woodline, just seeing if there is a big buck standing there.  I see lots of deer, a bunch.  My buddy says he looks for turkeys, he sees a lot too, especially in the springtime.  Bella looks for trash, I know, she tells me about how awful we are as a species to throw trash on the road.  Sometimes we get out and pick some up and put it in a bag while she reaps verbal abuse on their family.  My buddy Luke likes to throw trash at the signs Bella made, her “do not litter” signs.  He tosses it out the sun roof, I seen him do it.  He wants to make sure she stays motivated and has plenty to look at.

I been trying to look for love lately.  I have been seeing it more.  I have found that if I offer love, it seems to come back to me.  If I look for it, I see it.  We see what we look for.

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