Afraid of knowledge………. An essay by William Marshall

Don’t watch that TV channel!  Don’t read that book!  Who are you listening to?  Joe Rogan?  Isn’t he that left wing nut?  Those are the responses that I seem to get when I talk to those around me about things that matter to me.  Its like they want to me stick my head in the sand with them and not be aware of how culture and spirituality sees me here in South East Alabama.

I believe that we need to actively heal ourselves. Take real steps.  Find ways and reasons to hug and be close to one another.  Listen to what others are saying and realize that their opinion and reason for being here must be as important as yours and mine.  We must desire to know and love our Brother.

I am currently talking with a young man about my beliefs and values, trying to talk about things that matter.  It is a great conversation.  He asked me to watch a TV show about Christianity, about how the Bible was all about Jesus.  I watched the show, made some notes.

The more I watched it, the more I dwelled on it, the more I’m convinced that we are missing the mark of the Gospel.  The Good News is that Jesus teaches how to live in Heaven on Earth now.  He gave us an example to live now.  We seem to want to defer our entry into Heaven until when we die because we want to live like we are in Hell now.  Jesus’s message was about freedom now, heaven now.  Behold I stand at the door and knock. 

I think that we are afraid of that knowledge.  Afraid to equate ourselves with the power of Christ that is in us.  What we are really afraid of, is that deep inside, we understand that we are God’s just like Jesus is.  He walked on this earth just like we are walking now.  His path on this earth was to show us our path on this earth.  To have Heaven on this Earth. 

Don’t be afraid of that knowledge.  You and Jesus are both the Son of God.  You are both eternal.  You can both perform miracles, just like Jesus showed us.  Don’t be afraid of that knowledge.

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