I believe in Heaven on Earth……….. An essay by William Marshall

I believe that Jesus walked among us.  I believe that he and his wife Mary had an interesting journey.  Jesus showed many signs and miracles that he understood life in a different way than others around him.  So much so, that they killed him.  He came back though, just like he said, to prove that what he said was true.  He showed us the possibilities while he was with us, came back to prove it. 

He said that we are just like him.  We are a Son of God just like he was/is.  He is eternal, we are eternal.  God the Father, God the Son/Me/You/Jesus, God the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is just another one of us, but he trained himself, he had figured it out.  He figured out how to spread love.  That is what he was doing, spreading love.  He was saying that he was the same as everyone else, he taught his disciples how to perform miracles, using his example, in his name.  Jesus was trying to show us, that we are in Heaven right now.  And how to enter the kingdom.

I believe in Heaven on Earth, I believe that Jesus showed us how to enter.  Read the Gospel, see what you think.  Jesus preached that Heaven is on Earth and that we can enter Heaven now.  I believe that I am in Heaven now.  I believe in Heaven on Earth.

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