I got to help my dad today……… An essay by William Marshall

I got to fight with a dull chainsaw, it was almost like it was on backwards.  Two trips to Ace Hardware, buying the wrong things.  Dad and I rode in the truck together, window down talking about things.  He told stories about his grandsons and we talked about my daughters.  We talked about my mom and planned for her birthday.  We cut down three trees, loaded them up in the trailer and hauled them off to the road.  We solved equipment problems, picked up heavy things together, talked about old times.  We laughed about the same jokes we’ve told our whole lives.  We just say any part of the joke, the other laughs, no need to finish.  It was such a pleasure, to help my dad.  I love my dad, he loves me.  I got to help my dad today.  Thank you universe!

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