I will never die………. An essay by William Marshall

If it is true that I will never die, that I am eternal, that my soul will live forever, is living forever.  If it is true that I will never die, why do I seem to live as if I will.  I seem to look at life as so temporary.  So rushed, and worried.

Why do I live as if I have only finite expression?  Why do I live as if I’m scared for you to die?  That I don’t want you to go……….  Is it because I do not believe correctly?  Do I believe that you will die but I will not?  It must be.  I must be thinking wrongly. 

How do I think differently? 

I have a long time to learn, I guess.  I am glad that understand the concept of a happy learner.  I will never die, so I want to decide now, to be a happy learner.  Yay!!!!  I will never die!

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