I feel a Spirit………. An essay by William Marshall

May be a closeup

Inspired. Inspired basically means “in Spirit.” Michael Jordan tells of feeling inspired. He says that he couldn’t miss. I feel a spirit lately. A spirit to write, talk, tell stories. I have a million of them. Some of them seem to come from nowhere. Just all the sudden, words get typed on this ‘puter thing here. I pray that you feel a Spirit driving you. I pray that you are “in Spirit” with me soon. When we are “in Spirit” together, things are easy, things come quick, time goes fast and smooth. I love you, meet me in the Spirit. Find what drives you, follow your dreams. For now, mine is here, writing words on this ‘puter. I’m inspired. Find your Spirit, follow your heart, live your dreams. I love you, I feel a Spirit, I pray you do too!

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