Marshall’s Weapon Safety and Sponsorship Plan………. An essay by William Marshall

From the point when enacted forward, all new gun purchases would require mandatory attendance to a gun safety and mentorship program.  Minimum class length 8 hours long to include range time with a vast assortment of weapons.  Successful graduation and sponsorship from another adult at least 5 years senior, allows you purchase rights for pistol, shotgun, or rimfire rifle.  Specialty weapons require another 4 hour class. 

Sponsorship is an agreement to be a mentor and a partner to the new gun owner.  To simply check in with the person from time to time.  Sponsor’s agree that gun ownership comes with responsibility and their purpose is to help ensure that the person they are sponsoring doesn’t become unhinged and hurt others with their weapon.  The sponsorship program’s main intent is the make a human connection between gun owners.  Think of it like an Uncle.

Selling guns in America comes with responsibility.  If you want to do that kind of business, it comes with risks.  I think that there should be fines of some kind for gun sellers who break the rules, many laws are already in place.  I also think, though, that if gun manufacturers and sellers were liable for the machines they make, they might help us solve this gun violence problem instead of continue to perpetuate it.  Get the business arm of gun sales interested in making the streets safer too.  That would help.

Lastly, guns that the bad guys have.  Buy them back, confiscate them, destroy them.  Do our best to keep guns out of the hands of people trying to use them to do harm.  Stop the crazy drug war and a lot of that goes away.

Marshall’s Weapons Safety and Sponsorship Plan

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