I had a transgender Soldier……… An essay by William Marshall

I did. I had a gay Soldier, I had a bi Soldier, I had a Soldier that wanted to wear make up, I had a Soldier that pee’d his bed at night, I had a Soldier that wanted his momma real bad. I had a Soldier that made up lies. Crazy lies, for no reason. I had a Soldier that lost stuff. That sucked. What did I do?

I loved them. I took care of them. I trained them. I yelled at them. I saved them, and they saved me. I had a transgender Soldier! And I loved him/her/they. Confusing times, but I did! You would have done the same. I love you too! If you’ve read this far, on this essay, please tell me hi, below, Love you! Thanks!

edit: As all the crazy comments come in. The only story that I’m trying to tell here is: whatever Soldier I was assigned, I made it my mission to take care of them like their momma would have wanted. That was my goal. Love you!