MMMMMhmm, mmmhm, Smells just like a N-word………. An essay by William Marshall

About a year ago, we were having a BBQ in my community. Several of us were down by the pavilion watching a guy start up these two huge smokers. I think it might have been Memorial Day in 2019. There were about 10 men standing and sitting around chatting and watching the other guys work, you know how guys do.

I wasn’t facing him when he walked up. I was talking with someone else. I heard him exclaim, “MMMMMhmmm, mmmhm, Smells just like a N-word, when you first start it up. I love me some BBQ.”

“What???????” I thought.

I turned around to see that it was Mr. G. I was amazed. He wasn’t looking at me, we didn’t make eye contact. Nobody else said a word. Its 2019 and this guy is saying these things on a public patio? And none of us either noticed, or in my case, had the balls to say anything at the time.

As I think about that encounter now, I apologize to my brothers for my cowardice in a lack of confrontation. Please accept my humble apology. However, I also feel that many times, confrontation in the moment does not bring healing. It only brings the wrong attack again. So, I choose now, in my new way, to love my brother and stand against his hate with the love of a million Granny B’s!

Racism is wrong.

Be still in heart for just two seconds and you know that. Your brothers eyes reflect your pain. I love you Mr. G. You will read this and you will know it was you. Please pray for me that my message will be received with the love that you deserve. I love you!

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