Jesus say’s, “Follow me” …….. An essay by William Marshall

I see Jesus over my right shoulder, he whispers in my right ear. When I am quiet, I don’t hear him, I know him. If I am quiet, he directs my thoughts. He pushes every fear away from me, not that he can do it, but he knows that if he but gives me a back support, and a little song, I can train myself to avoid the fear.

Salvation is not hard, its free but for our taking. When any little fear comes, simply understand, “I’ve have made a small mistake, I’ve misunderstood.” Then quiet the chatter.(that’s the part we think is hard) Then choose to re-imagine your dream. Its your dream. If you will but give up your smallest desire, just once, you will understand.

Salvation is but a quiet choice to make within your still heart. Your soul is safe forever in both our minds. Jesus sits over my shoulder and loves us both. He wants us to connect. To know each other. Look into your brother’s eyes.

Jesus is there, we are there together, you and I, and I love you!

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