I Pray….. An essay by William Marshall

The song seems to whistle in the back of your head somehow. Like an ever-constant beat and melody. It was installed into our operating system before birth. No matter who you are or where you’re from, at some point, you begin singing, humming, whistling. It just happens. You get fixed on some happy tune. Maybe this time it’s a sad tune. Could be a longing tune, a desire for more.

Those tunes are our prayers. Our lessons. Our communication with the Holy Spirit that lives within us.

My dad whistles all the time. If he isn’t doing anything in particular, many times I get to hear him pray. Its how I have learned to pray. Somehow, some gift he has, allows him to constantly whistle “How Great Thou Art”. If you get to be around him much, just wait its coming. Just a little whistle, I pray.

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