I love you; I just don’t know how to show you……. An essay by William Marshall

There isn’t a single person in this world that I don’t love. Love seems to come easy. I love everyone. I do. I watched my Granny B do it. I learned from the best. Even if you cut me off in traffic, I still love you. I get it, either you made a mistake, or you were in a situation that you needed to be in front of me for a while. Ok, cool. I can let you cut me off. I can love everyone.

The place that I fall short though, is how do I show you? That’s the hardest part for me. Probably because I’m totally lazy, but also because its hard to tell the ones you love, just how much you love them all the time. You can give hugs, you can cook dinners, you can call on the phone, you can spend hours doing things with, but still it’s really hard to convey.

Its even harder with strangers. I love strangers. Some of my best friends, when I met them, they were strangers. How do you show love to someone that you don’t know? You can’t really hug on them. You can only let so many people go in line ahead of you because you love them.

So, as you read this, please know. I love you! I just don’t really know how to show you.

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